Categories list
Click on Categories from the orange top menu to see all the categories you have created.
How to ADD a category
Add new category to your online TV anytime by clicking on "Add Category", typing the category name and saving it.
Can i change the name of a category?
Yes, click edit, type the new name and save
How to CHANGE order of my categories
Drag, Drop and save. You will see the results on your online TV.
How to DELETE a category?
You can only delete a category if it is empty and it features no videos.
Video list
Click on “Your Videos” from the orange menu on top and you can wacth a list of the video you have uploaded for each category
How can I ADD a new video?
In video section, click ADD VIDEO, select the category for it and paste the video link (from Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook).
Can I add a Playlist from Youtube?
No, it is not possible to add an entire playlist.
Can i add a link from one video to an external webpage?
Yes You can! When you add a new video or when you edit an existing one, you will see a "Link to more info about this video". Type the link here.
Where can i see the video link to an external page?
Once the link is added to a video, go to your online TV to see the link on the INFO icon.
Can i change category to a previously uploaded video?
Yes you can, click edit video and you can select another category where to store your video.
Can i show my logo in my online TV?
Yes You can! You need to upgrade your account to Vibento PRO.
Which size and format should my logo be for the upload?
We suggest 300x80 pixel MAX. A bigger logo will compromise the viewer's experience of your videos. We recommend PNG files with transparency.
What is "type your name"?
If you have a Vibento PRO account but you dont’ have a personal logo to upload, you can type anything you want as the name of your online TV (example: My travels TV, John Smith TV etc)
Can I link my homepage to my TV channel?
Yes You can. You will find "Link to your homepage" in the settings. Type the link and an "home icon" will show in your Online TV.
Can i change the URL of my online TV?
It is not possible to change your URL
What are Meta Keywords for?
Meta keywords are useful to boost the search engine rankings of your online TV.
What is Meta Description?
Here's an example: ”This is an example of a meta description. This will often show up in search results."